Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Summer '10: Sandals

River Island, looks a bit like you got your foot got stuck in a cage, but I like them, why not?

Next, I like the laces (everywhere this summer), bit last-year's-Nike-gladiators, but possibly more wearable? Nice grey

New Look on 'how to keep it simple'

They might not match up to Céline's, but I'm being realistic

Liberty for Target

It was supposed to be in American store 'Target' for 4 weeks, then 6, and now...well it's barely reached 4 and it's nearly sold out. Lucky for us, Liberty's picked a few of the best items and brought them to the UK. I went down there and, although they don't have the swimwear, bought some lovely things. I've dreamed of a Liberty dress for a while. I had them when I was little, then I thought they were too girly and way uncool, but for the last few summers they're all I've wanted. I kept meaning to buy the fabric and DIY one but it's not much cheaper (the most recent 'Merci' ones were £175). The most expensive dresses were £50, and they were too big for me anyway, the rest were £25 See for yourself, and if you do go, don't miss the teapots!

And for bonus points, the top in the 1st picture is called Martha, I couldn't resist

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Celine 2010

My mum got me these Céline lookbooks and, like the Liberty Women's department, they make you wish you were a millionaire. The colours are gorgeous - very simple - black, white and neutrals. It's so effortlessly glamorous. A few personal favourites...
The leather t-shirt

The belts - I particularly like the two at the bottom

The catwalk platforms, very cool

And the nicest sandals you could own, they go with anything

Jack Wills? Who'd have thought?

Similar to some Isabel Marant trousers circa S/S 09, Jack Wills have brought out their own this Spring. Love it. But whatever you do, NEVER follow their 'Wear it with', they don't know what they're talking about.

Wear with white t-shirt/shirt on a summery day.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Minimalist. I particularly like these chinos and this smock/slop (whatever you want to call the canvas jumper). The top's quite camp, who cares? I wear them for sailing/on the beach; I imagine they're the kind of thing scurvy-ridden sailors may have worn all those years ago.

Don't You Just Love It

When the weather starts to perk up a little, and you wake up to a bright sky and come home to a pretty dusk? Bring on the Spring. Amen.

Taken at 16.43 today, and the Sun's still going strong.