Sunday, 21 November 2010

Got my picture taken by Anne Bernecker in the street yesterday and she gave me her card, so I checked out her blog. She takes pictures of people she sees on the street all over the place, but seems to spend most of her time hanging out around Hackney. She's got an amazing collection of photos, and it was funny being able to recognise exact street corners and walls in the background. M X

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The last photo is my most recent outfit inspiration. I love the pretty pastel skirts with biker leather. I paired a pink Victorian underskirt with my biker boots and felt great. I can't remember who took this but I tore it out of Vogue ages ago, from a story where they got people to choose there favourite photo of all time, I think it;s one of mine. I'd love to stick it to my wall with all my other inspiring pictures but I like the photo on it's reverse too much! M X

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Alexa Chung

I loved 'The Accidental Stylist' story in Elle. Everything looks so fresh. The leather Carven shorts and navy Stella M dress are amazing M X


I've been so lazy about blogging recently, and it's getting me down. My blog's been verging away from fashion for months and months and that's what I'm really interested in. So I've found myself matching my dog's jumpers with my clothes, subconsciously of course. I don't feel as guilty buying clothes for him as I do for myself. So far this winter, he's been bought a cable knit grey jumper and a waxed cotton, sheepskin lined coat. He's such a babe.

I mostly can't get him to stay still enough when he's out and about but I managed to catch this on my iPhone. He definitely needs a more stylish lead and collar though, waiting til he's old enough to not chew everything up...M X
P.S. I've been obsessing over our beautiful sunsets these last few weeks