Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Liberty for Target

It was supposed to be in American store 'Target' for 4 weeks, then 6, and now...well it's barely reached 4 and it's nearly sold out. Lucky for us, Liberty's picked a few of the best items and brought them to the UK. I went down there and, although they don't have the swimwear, bought some lovely things. I've dreamed of a Liberty dress for a while. I had them when I was little, then I thought they were too girly and way uncool, but for the last few summers they're all I've wanted. I kept meaning to buy the fabric and DIY one but it's not much cheaper (the most recent 'Merci' ones were £175). The most expensive dresses were £50, and they were too big for me anyway, the rest were £25 See for yourself, and if you do go, don't miss the teapots!

And for bonus points, the top in the 1st picture is called Martha, I couldn't resist

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