Sunday, 30 May 2010

I try really hard not to be negative

But when Uniqlo teams up with Disney, hoorah, and creates the most vile collection I've ever seen, booooo, it's real hard. Fugly white, grey and black t-shirts with cheap Mickey Mouse illustrations in tow are surely what New Look's tween collection's for. What ever happened to the old Disney? To Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? To the Bambi that made me cry? When did it become this thing you put on a t-shirt with silver studs and glittery writing? And on really odd shaped t-shirts with flaps hanging off each side for no reason. Not cool. How could Uniqlo - home of cheap cashmere jumpers and clothes in every colour - go so incredibly wrong? And just to be clear, I love Disney: especially on Kidada's jewellery.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Chanel Tattoos

Excuse the fleshiness of these pictures (it makes them look kind of gross) but I had to photo document my Chanel tattoos. A little disappointing if I'm allowed to say it - they're nearly £50 a pack and sooo not worth it. They don't last very long and go grey round the edges. Don't get me wrong, I love the designs and I love tattoos, but you'd be better off spending the money on the real thing, costs less and looks better. Or on something completely different. So here's a 'bracelet' and a little Chanel sign near my ankle which I fear looks quite tacky -

I'm waiting for some better weather before I use the others. Oh, and I just love the whole David Walliams/Lara Stone wedding.

More shoes and more Next

Bit repetitive but I had a Next voucher so went to their brand new Oxford St store - really worth a visit. I struggled to find any clothes I liked in store (they had some really lovely things but they were either too old for me, too big, or just really not my forté). So I went downstairs to shoes - got some Chloé-esque sandals, a bag and 2 pairs (because I couldn't help myself) of nude ballerina pumps which are especially cute because they have the elastic across the foot like actual ballerinas; I was going to cut them off but I decided I quite liked them. They had some other really amazing sandals, and even caught on to the whole clogs scene, shocker.

The biker boot of the Summer?

I think I might have just uncovered Summer's answer to the wintery biker boot. My mum was giving these old Miu Miu's to Oxfam, and as much as I hate to deprive potential money from charities...I had to snatch them out of the bag. I swapped them for a bag of my old clothes, so I'm feeling relatively guilt-free. I'm feeling a bit 'marmite' about them - they're a bit too big for me and kinda crazy, and I don't really like square shoes which they are slightly. BUT I love Miu Miu, have a thing about black sandals and think they're quite cool in their own special way. Even if they remain in my cupboard the whole summer, I know I'll want them someday. God knows what year they're from, but I remember them from times throughout my childhood. Maybe they're not very old at all...

Janelle Monáe

Oh my. Possibly the coolest singer/dancer I've ever seen. I think she's been around a while but I'd never heard of her until today. Her latest album just came out - The ArchAndroid. She's being backed by Big Boi, of Outkast, and Puff Daddy. Cool enough? Well just wait til you see her hair, style, and dancing. And I just love her voice. It's all a little bit James Brown incarnate, love it. Few other young women can pull of a suit so well without looking like a man. The actual video's quite odd but her performance here is divine.

Friday, 21 May 2010

New Blog

I'm really excited for this new blog we've got together - me and G that is. I'm not going to go all GaGa and talk about our planned world domination etc etc. But we do plan to be more successful bloggers than we are currently. We'll be taking pictures of people on the streets of London, and the rest of the world, who have great style. No posts yet but many to come...

Friday, 14 May 2010

Lady in Leopard (print), Oxford

Me and G couldn't resist this photo opportunity today. A woman on her way to work who clearly loves her leopard print. I think a part of everyone does, but most of us don't make it this obvious. I don't think she's particularly stylish but it's definitely a "look", and a brave one at that. You go girl!
I love the fact the person in front of us had a leopard print bag too!

Here's a close up of her shoes

And the Lady herself, in action

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Let's talk about cake

Violet cakes in particular. Claire Ptak, famed for her sell-out cupcakes on East London's Broadway Market has recently (really recently - last Saturday) opened her very own cake shop on Wilton Way, Hackney. Even if you don't know Claire, you may know her cakes. Or her cake company, Violet. And if you don't know either, you're missing out. Claire's new bakery has it's own kitchen, so you're guaranteed fresh-as-it-gets food. And a lovely upstairs eating space, as well as a sweet downstairs one. It's not somewhere you'd be likely to travel miles to visit (it's in the middle of residential Hackney) but I sincerely recommend you do. If Violet's Coconut Cream layer cake, Flourless Chocolate cake or any-flavour-you-can-imagine cupcakes can't convince you, I don't know what will. Except the welcoming staff and delicious coffee, of course. You won't be disappointed, even by the filter coffee, which I noticed one woman's face drop over (she then proceeded to drink it with an ear to ear grin, saying "Gosh, this is lovely coffee" after every sip). So come on down and stuff yo faces - actually don't; enjoy every bite - especially of the adorable mini cupcakes. Violet is open Wednesday to Saturday til 5 for now. And don't be too late, it's already pretty popular.