Sunday, 20 June 2010

UNIQLO's Latest Collaboration

And one to be really excited about. UNIQLO are teaming up with none other than Paul & Joe. Paul & Joe make-up always has the most adorable packaging and is something to be treasured because of it. There are always lots of kittens and flowers and things that are meant to make you want to buy it (and do). The collection basically involves t-shirts printed with the same little illustrations as the make-up containers but bigger and better. And Paul & Joe is so tasteful it can't really go wrong. T-shirts will be about £10-15 which is pretty reasonable and a great deal cheaper then Topshop etc. Here's one design from a P&J lipstick

Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Best Buy Ever

Yesterday, cycling into town, I came across a stall raising money for the local church. I always love things like that because they always have something you want. They did. This old trunk. When I asked the man how much he wanted for it he said a pound - he was worried he wouldn't be able to get rid of it. So I paid him £1.50 for the trunk and a CD and went off to pick it up later. I did feel a little guilty for accepting such a cheap offer, £20 would have been a bargain. When I got back later the same man kind of said what I'd been thinking - I'd got off a lightly - and there were polite hints that I should give a bigger donation. He'd had many other offers which he'd turned down because he'd already sold it to me. So this morning I went back with a tenner and brought the trunk home. I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to tidy my utter warzone of a bedroom so I can give it a proper home. The cuttings it's covered in are brilliant - pictures from Audrey Hepburn to the Fawlty Towers cast. I need to reglue some before they come off completely...that can be next week's project.
Audrey, Fawlty and some Sci-Fi

Planet of the Apes, Emily Lloyd and Dastardly and Muttley


Perfected with checked lining, like Clarks Desert boots

Withnail, more Audrey, Ladykillers and The Deer Hunter

Do I dare add my own cuttings, provided they're old?

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kurt Geiger, and last shoes post for a while

Popped in the other day and they have some pretty incredible shoes. Sometimes I imagine what I would buy if I had a limitless amount of money, and kind of hope maybe one day I will. But it would be really dangerous because I would have far too many clothes, shoes etc and would probably be a really nasty person. But I thought, if I had lots of money, of what I'd buy in Kurt Geiger. Lace-up espadrilles, which were in this month's Vogue, short boots, Miu Miu rip-offs (not as nice but near enough)...actually I could have nearly bought out the shop. I can't remember everything but it was a happy fantasy while it lasted.
I admit these are no match for the real Miu Miu beauties, but I like the bunnies and they're much much more affordable

I'm not normally a fan of ankle boots like these and they look much nicer in real life

Espadrilles are such easy-going Summer footwear. If I could have the shoes of my choice this Summer it would undoubtedly be these but I'm saving up for other things which will last me year round, like a new camera

Friday, 11 June 2010


It's really starting to seem like I'm running out of ideas. It's more that I wanted to check back on Clarks this season. I love Clarks because they don't make what's conventionally cool or fashionable, but now and again they get it just right. I don't know if it's accidental or if it's just a matter of there only being one really good designer on board. I admit I had to sift through a whole load of uglies but I love these.
I admit moccasins aren't too summery, but we kinda missed out on Spring with alla this crazy weather

Simple does it for these semi-gladiator sandals

These chunkys just got funky, or however it goes

And good luck finding yoself a nicer pair of desert boots for the summer, note the checked lining