Tuesday, 13 April 2010


And no, not the area but Hobbs' relatively new 'younger' collection. Once you get over the concept - which is that middle-aged Hobbs-trotters bring their 20-something year old daughters shopping, spot the NW3 collection, fall in love with it and simultaneously decide to splash out on their little darlings (Named NW3 after the wealthy North London mothers who are expected to have the cash to drown their children in these clothes) - I like it. When I first saw it I thought it was a little Marc by Marc Jacobs but it's been changing considerably season to season - maintaining an innocent and pretty look every time, but less M by MJ at the moment. My favourites?
Denim jodhpurs - they're basically your average skinny jean but with zips at the bottom etc.

I particularly love these mint green shorts, but the 'dove print' on the others is sweet

And I knew this would happen - there I am all anti-clog this and 'I hate clogs' that, and within a month I'm a convert. These are great because Marni's were a bit OTT for everyday but I think you could just about get away with these...maybe not

A bit prim and proper for a jumpsuit..but it could work

I love the subtle stripes on this top

And finally, the jewellery. The daisies on this studded leather cuff make it oh-so-feminine. Cute. And I don't think you could go wrong with gold acorns; they're like squirrel treasure round your neck.

I hate to say a lamb dressed as mutton aspect still remains in some of the clothing, but I'm sure that'll ease out in time while they adjust to designing younger pieces.

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