Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Laces, step aside

I remember getting so psyched last December when The Sartorialist posted this picture of a NY construction worker who'd taped up his boots...it's anybody's guess why - insulation? to keep them on? he thought it looked cool? a practical joke? What I remember as much as the look itself was all the shit people gave Scott Schuman for posting the picture - people said it was stupid, unfashionable and wasn't what the blog was about (well, surely there's only one person who can say what their blog's all about)
Anyway, I happened to like it as a look; it's interesting, and isn't creating interest and doing something new what fashion's all about?!

SO, you can imagine how psyched I got when a woman marched onto the overground this evening sporting the exact same look - but she wasn't a construction worker, even more exciting! In all the hustle and bustle of London's most stressful train line I couldn't ask her for a picture, so I had to use my initiative and zoom to the max on my iPhone, poking it between people's legs to get a decent shot. So here they are - silver cracked leather boots fastened with shiny black tape - so rad! M X

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