Saturday, 30 April 2011

THIS is why I love Hackney

I'd been excited for the Wilton Way street party since a flyer came through my door. Backed by Wilton's, Violet, Toppers and Borough Wines (all worth a visit) it was always set to be a good one. I hadn't, however, expected its success to be quite what it became yesterday. People came from far and wide to join in the fun and gather round the small TV sets in kind residents' windows to watch the Royal Wedding unfold. People baked food, ate food, and drank to their heart's content, whilst being serenaded with Dan Gillespie, of The Feeling's, beautiful piano and singing. The atmosphere was beautiful and continued well into the evening, growing as it did so. We've got mentions in the NY Times, as well as the Wall St Journal, and a double-page spread in The Times. Another one next year, royal wedding or not? M X

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