Saturday, 31 March 2012

Summerset House

Because I actually can spell, it just feels like summer in London. Or at least it did. And I arrived in a tropical Paris yesterday and practically boiled in the heat. Only to wake up today to comparatively subzero temperatures and grey skies (apparently London's equally grim). But this was the beginning of the week, and a beautiful installation in the courtyard at Somerset House - I think the weather did it justice, and the impact would be lost in bleaker weather. 

There are hundreds of plaster cast flowers on rusted iron stems (I think) but it's quite hard to see because you're not allowed on the grass...


  1. how amazing to see these daring little flowers taking over the green patch and nagging the viewers to come anfd look at them when one isnt naughty...but like In the Little Prince of st exupery the flower is very arrogant and tries to intimidate the Little Prince reminds me of this all over again...what beautiful scenery Martha thank you it was so refershing...