Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Good Old Days

Its that time of year when virtually whatever time your awake its light - the best proof that summer's coming you can get. And with summer comes some long wanted new clothes as I move those Barbours and woolly jumpers to the back of my wardrobe. Whilst organising my money to fit around buying these clothes I can't help thinking of the good ol' days when my clothes were all bought for me, mostly courtesy of my mother.
I started thinking about those clothes and how there are so many I wish I never grew out of. I'm not sure where they all went but they probably ended up in Oxfam. So i thought I'd dedicate this post to the clothes I wish I still had and the happy memories I have of them -
1. Rachel Riley PJs and nighties. Pretty and floral and so perfect.

2. St james stripey t-shirts. Until I get a new one I'll carry on wearing the ones I still have from years ago.

3. Liberty shirts and dresses and even though I desperately want them I simply can't afford to.4. I'm tempted to redo this shirt/shorts/shoe combination this summer.

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