Saturday, 8 May 2010

Let's talk about cake

Violet cakes in particular. Claire Ptak, famed for her sell-out cupcakes on East London's Broadway Market has recently (really recently - last Saturday) opened her very own cake shop on Wilton Way, Hackney. Even if you don't know Claire, you may know her cakes. Or her cake company, Violet. And if you don't know either, you're missing out. Claire's new bakery has it's own kitchen, so you're guaranteed fresh-as-it-gets food. And a lovely upstairs eating space, as well as a sweet downstairs one. It's not somewhere you'd be likely to travel miles to visit (it's in the middle of residential Hackney) but I sincerely recommend you do. If Violet's Coconut Cream layer cake, Flourless Chocolate cake or any-flavour-you-can-imagine cupcakes can't convince you, I don't know what will. Except the welcoming staff and delicious coffee, of course. You won't be disappointed, even by the filter coffee, which I noticed one woman's face drop over (she then proceeded to drink it with an ear to ear grin, saying "Gosh, this is lovely coffee" after every sip). So come on down and stuff yo faces - actually don't; enjoy every bite - especially of the adorable mini cupcakes. Violet is open Wednesday to Saturday til 5 for now. And don't be too late, it's already pretty popular.

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