Saturday, 29 May 2010

The biker boot of the Summer?

I think I might have just uncovered Summer's answer to the wintery biker boot. My mum was giving these old Miu Miu's to Oxfam, and as much as I hate to deprive potential money from charities...I had to snatch them out of the bag. I swapped them for a bag of my old clothes, so I'm feeling relatively guilt-free. I'm feeling a bit 'marmite' about them - they're a bit too big for me and kinda crazy, and I don't really like square shoes which they are slightly. BUT I love Miu Miu, have a thing about black sandals and think they're quite cool in their own special way. Even if they remain in my cupboard the whole summer, I know I'll want them someday. God knows what year they're from, but I remember them from times throughout my childhood. Maybe they're not very old at all...

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