Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Best Buy Ever

Yesterday, cycling into town, I came across a stall raising money for the local church. I always love things like that because they always have something you want. They did. This old trunk. When I asked the man how much he wanted for it he said a pound - he was worried he wouldn't be able to get rid of it. So I paid him £1.50 for the trunk and a CD and went off to pick it up later. I did feel a little guilty for accepting such a cheap offer, £20 would have been a bargain. When I got back later the same man kind of said what I'd been thinking - I'd got off a lightly - and there were polite hints that I should give a bigger donation. He'd had many other offers which he'd turned down because he'd already sold it to me. So this morning I went back with a tenner and brought the trunk home. I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to tidy my utter warzone of a bedroom so I can give it a proper home. The cuttings it's covered in are brilliant - pictures from Audrey Hepburn to the Fawlty Towers cast. I need to reglue some before they come off completely...that can be next week's project.
Audrey, Fawlty and some Sci-Fi

Planet of the Apes, Emily Lloyd and Dastardly and Muttley


Perfected with checked lining, like Clarks Desert boots

Withnail, more Audrey, Ladykillers and The Deer Hunter

Do I dare add my own cuttings, provided they're old?

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  1. there is nothing like a good deal and also something that has a story that you will hang on and cherish for anotehr few years until you sell it over again life goes on ..its called having a history.... flea markets are the biggest sparkle in my life on a summer or autumn day :what will i find this time?