Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kurt Geiger, and last shoes post for a while

Popped in the other day and they have some pretty incredible shoes. Sometimes I imagine what I would buy if I had a limitless amount of money, and kind of hope maybe one day I will. But it would be really dangerous because I would have far too many clothes, shoes etc and would probably be a really nasty person. But I thought, if I had lots of money, of what I'd buy in Kurt Geiger. Lace-up espadrilles, which were in this month's Vogue, short boots, Miu Miu rip-offs (not as nice but near enough)...actually I could have nearly bought out the shop. I can't remember everything but it was a happy fantasy while it lasted.
I admit these are no match for the real Miu Miu beauties, but I like the bunnies and they're much much more affordable

I'm not normally a fan of ankle boots like these and they look much nicer in real life

Espadrilles are such easy-going Summer footwear. If I could have the shoes of my choice this Summer it would undoubtedly be these but I'm saving up for other things which will last me year round, like a new camera

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