Saturday, 16 October 2010

Whoopie Pies and Leopard Eyes

Last night I went to Violet for the launch of Claire's new book - The Whoopie Pie Book - you can buy it in store (definitely worth it) or from Amazon. The book looks amazing, with great pictures and the most delicious recipes; I know because I've tried them. YUM. The pumpkin one was particularly spectacular but my mum swears by the quince. Anyway distracting me from my stomach full of whoopie pies and homemade pizzas, were my sister's eyes. Tabby is 13 and full of weird and wonderful little surprises...When I arrived last night she'd painted her eyelids leopard print. I thought my mum must have done it for her, but she'd like to point out she designed and drew them completely of her own accord. It looked really cool and especially striking because she has two different coloured eyes: one blue, one brown. She's keen for me to explain the steps -
1 - She covered her eyelids in her darkest foundation
2 - She painted leopard print on top using a black liquid eyeliner
3 - She dabbed a bit of darker brown sparkle to each mark
So here they are, M X

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  1. Ah, genius! Do you know, the only time that I have ever seen this on someone before, was in 1991 at the first Lollapalooza concert series, when a girl in front of me began to dance around to Nine Inch Nails, and I noticed she had the most striking eyes, entirely made up in leopard print. Excellent...and what a very talented younger sister you have, what fun.