Thursday, 25 February 2010


The most unlikely love of my life, Clarks. I don't know exactly who's behind the newly acquired brilliance of Clarks' shoe designs, but I have my suspicions (the guy in the local film shop's Swedish girlfriend perhaps). Whoever it is, they've done a real good job. Never in my teenage years did I think I would be buying shoes from Clarks, but here I am with 2 pairs to my name and more to come with any luck. The love affair all began when I wanted some desert boots sometime last year, and anyone who knows desert boots also knows that Clarks make them best. So I planned to whisk in and out, making my purchase swift and discreet so no one would spot me in there - I couldn't think of anything more embarrassing at the time. But whilst in there I spotted more shoes I liked, and when I went back a few months later, I decided this shop was far from embarrassing: I was proud to be a customer. Gone are the days when Clarks, to me, was a hotspot for old ladies in need of something comfortable and practical or the place you might buy your child's first walking shoes (emphasis on the might). Not only do I wear my desert boots everyday, but my favourite heels are none other than Clarks..shocker. The other thing I can't help but love Clarks for are the names of the shoes, here goes: The Crepe Suzette (patent or not, take your pick)

The Marg Kate, and they're fur-lined

The Mells Creek biker boots

The African Art moccasins

The Crepe Lace, I love the mottled effect of the leather on these

Some rather eccentric desert boots...

But I think I'll stick to mine

I don't think they do these anymore, but I've only had them a few months, they're called "Costume Party" (I think)

P.s LOVE whoever thought to make a mini desert boot keyring for the limited edition pairs - ingenius

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