Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Next; ever improving, ever proving itself

That shop you'd walk past all the time and maybe occasionally the shop which you would assume some passerby's unflattering jeans were from. That shop no longer. Now Next is the shop which left me distraught when last spring they sold out of my dream sandals. The shop which it has become my guilty pleasure to dive in and out of. The shop which I walk around and see things I would not only like to have, but might even buy. Next might just be the light at the end of that dark, rat-ridden tunnel that is shopping. So this month, what are they offering? A great bikini in preparation for the summer - great because it's cheap, navy and has little gold anchors everywhere (and one thing you can't see in the picture is that the briefs have ruffles on the back, neat)

It's coral and £15: what else could you possibly want in a watch?

Sweet little 'Wish' bracelet, again, only £15. And I can never resist an anchor

Some exciting stripes; I love this little black and white nautical number and the medals on the red jumper are made of sequins - genius!

Blouse a la Chloe

There are also a number of lovely boat print pieces, which I can't get a proper photo of but here's an idea of what they're like

And take that American Apparel, next time try selling your stuff cheaper

Without exhausting it I'll stop there. Next's turnaround has really impressed me and I hope there's more to come.

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  1. M, what a great post, it actually has made want to go to Next immediately! I might just have to get that white blouse as I need a smart outfit in a few weekends time xx